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You see, we're a bit weird.

Kandy started out from a garage back in 2018 with a few laptops...

We've spent tens of millions on ads during previous years.

We've launched thousands of campaigns and creatives.

We've failed more times than we could count.

And you might think we've figured it out all.


If we had everything figured out, we'd use buzzwords.

We'd tell you about our global impact.

We'd tell you how we're mission-driven, sustainable, innovative.

We'd tell you how many smart people work with us already.

We'd tell you about how we're looking for "ad ninjas".

We'd tell you about all our office perks.

But you probably heard this a thousand times.

Instead, we're simply going to be honest.

Because just like you, we're still learning.

By breaking and smashing things.

By testing, iterating, and improving.

By choosing growth instead of comfort.

That's why we're not yet in a place where you'll be able to just get by.

Or do anything that doesn't provide much value.

Or prepare useless reports.

Just like in most businesses, there's always room to optimize.

And much of what we do now – sucks ass.

Only we're not scared to acknowledge it.

Kandy looks for those that aren't scared of change, or discomfort, or transparency.

To grow faster than we would elsewhere.

Because here, our ideas matter.

We work hard. And we party even harder.

Fuck fake smiles, we're here to build.

Most businesses try to disguise their true intentions.

They offer snack stations, console filled offices, dream positions, fake career opportunities, and then the recruiting manager #512 tells you how happy and awesome they are and why you should definitely work with them.

In reality, this breeds a culture of mediocrity, fake smiles, and corporate bullshit, where you end up feeling like a cog in a machine full of greedy motivations.

The truth is simple –– we're all in the business of figuring things out.

We don't care about looks, we care about results.

If you do shit work, we'll tell you.

If clients do terrible, we'll tell you.

If profitability is bad, we'll tell you.

If we feel like you're not right, we'll tell you.‍

This is the only way to grow.‍

Kandy is about building great brands, with people we care about.

6.5 litres

Amount cried due to Adobe crashes (2023)


Chance you'll be killed by the CEO. Probability is low, but never zero.


Revenue for ecom brands. Number going up and up and up, though.

We love weird ideas. And also, being genuine, heated debates, meaningful relationships.

We hate corporate stuff. Fake business people, brain-dead approaches, complacency.

We try testing before talking. We ask before we judge, and we set the bar higher.

Meet the CEO.

The vision, brains, and decision-making behind the company. Everything stems from leadership, and the credentials should be obvious.

Instead of us boring you with cliché facts, here's some more pictures of our CEO.

Can you pass our banana test?

You will never be the same after you click this button.