Blow up your e-commerce sales, fast.

Paid ads, killer creatives, email, landings and strategy. E-commerce growth, wrapped in beautiful processes.

Onboarding with Kandy takes less than 3 days on average.

Join brands that grow

We're here to make numbers go vroom. Everything else is secondary, tbh.


Revenue generated for clients since 2020


Video & design creatives produced since 2020


Record revenue from a single creative in 2023

Full circle performance. 

From creatives to emails.

💸 Media buying, optimized.

A numbers game based on creatives. Seamless processes for communication between creatives and ad buyers.

🎨 Creatives, produced.

Forget scripting, briefing, management, reviewals. We take care of everything.

💌 Email marketing, sorted.

Email strategy, automations, campaigns, email copy & designs –– all focused on generating more revenue.

💻 Landing pages, built.

Mobile optimized, A/B tested landing pages and product pages. Done for you.

💻 Landing pages, built.

Mobile optimized, A/B tested landing pages and product pages. Done for you.

No magic, only processes. Industry experience lets us minimize risk and maximize rewards.

We research, deep.

Minimize risk by learning into your customer.

We build, fast.

Content, pages, emails, setup – under one efficient roof.

We test, a lot.

It takes us 3 days to test and rebuild creatives. We move.

The most efficient marketing machine. They learn quickly & execute like a rocket.

Ran Halbershtain – VP of Marketing at Livia

Imagine having a full-stack creative team. But without all the drawbacks.

Videos, designs, copy. Zero time from you, all the results from us.

Kandy tests creatives, then analyzes results, brainstorms ideas, scripts videos, shoots models, finds locations, edits footage –– all in one package.

✓  Our own 600 sq. ft. production studio

✓  Internal vetting, hiring & training processes

✓  Seamless communication between media buyers

✓  Virtually unlimited bandwidth by help of partners


Record revenue from a creative

Based on best performing accounts

8 days

Average delivery time

Start to finish for a single creative


Creatives produced since 2020

Including videos, copies, designs

Kandy works very quickly and extremely professionally.

Romana Strasser – Lead Creative at Giesswein

Hiring that doesn't sweat. Kandy has built funnels and processes for finding great people and hiring them fast.

Constant growth by team. We've built our own courses for new staff members, and fund consulting sessions.

Full-stack marketing team. Creatives, CRO, media buying, email marketing, strategy, UGC creation.

Strategists that are your personal idea machines. Your dedicated go-to person that's driven to deliver.

Built-in scalability, constant mentorship. Broad portfolio of clients allows us to spot industry patterns.

Industry-leading partners for everything else. Amazon marketers. Customer support. Funding options.

We pick brands that care. It's not only about us, it's about the founders behind brands.

Empowering founders.

Honesty, trust and input are invaluable to achieving growth in a fast-paced environment.

Unique products. Next breakthroughs, great problem solvers, products that people care about.

Established market fit. There's levels to growing businesses. We take brands that want to scale. Not start.

Long-term view.

Taking quick profits to buy cars and jewellery isn't what we're about.

Ready for scale. Manufacturing, support, cashflow all start to break. Preparation is key.

And, we built our own brands. Ones that we can grow and use to test out every single crazy idea. We became our own ideal clients.

Building the #1 silk home brand across 20+ European countries.

Case study coming soon.

Promoting calmness across the Baltics with Echos.

Case study coming soon.

Providing an easily accessible solution to eCom scaling.

Success stories. We let results speak for themselves.

28x DTC growth for the #1 Fidget Toy in the United States.

Case study coming soon.

Fighting period cramps one Livia at a time, by tripling their monthly revenue.

Case study coming soon.

Helping Giesswein hit $1M revenue per day with creatives.

Case study coming soon.

Eliminating wine headaches across the world with PureWine.

Case study coming soon.

6x yearly growth for luxury watches.

Case study coming soon.

Phew, finally.

We chew through all the data so you don't have to. We manage, train, hire, incentivise your marketing team. We provide infrastructure for fast growth without your involvement.

We won't kiss your ass. For that, we can arrange something with our partners.

Growth instead of comfort, always.

We hate wasting time. Approvals should take minutes, not days. That's how money gets burned.

Corporate bureaucracy is a no-no.

We love dreaming up weird stuff. Our hiring vibe test is named after a banana. That pretty much sums it up.

This helps us break through the noise.

Equipped and ready to track down all angles and facets of the campaign.

Jimi Dennison – Co-Founder of Shashibo

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