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Total revenue produced by our creatives in 2023


Creatives produced in 2023


Average revenue per single creative

World-class copy, videos & designs that sell. Each month. 

We analyze, create ideas, script, shoot & edit. You – sip piña coladas in the Bahamas.

Industry leaders in performing ad creatives. Here's how we do it.

Videos, designs, copy. Zero time from you, all the results from us.

Kandy tests creatives, then analyzes results, brainstorms ideas, scripts videos, shoots models, finds locations, edits footage –– all in one package.

✓  Our own 600 sq. ft. production studio

✓  Internal vetting, hiring & training processes

✓  Seamless communication between media buyers

✓  Virtually unlimited bandwidth by help of partners


Record revenue from a creative

Based on best performing accounts

8 days

Average delivery time

Start to finish for a single creative


Creatives produced since 2020

Including videos, copies, designs

Everything you already expect. And more.

Kandy adapts. Our in-depth hiring & training processes ensure killer creatives no matter your size, product or market.


Let us steal from competitors and analyse your top performing ads.


Data-driven ideas. Some take LSD, we prefer to just work at Kandy.


Short, sweet or emotional. Written in a way your customers would say it.


Crazy, serious or stupid? We've got you, fam.


We find the best actors or just gorgeous models. Without the black couch.


Locations? Easy. Equipment? Pfft. Food on set? Say no more.


Our crew will make your product stand out. And will show it in the best way.


Not only interesting but also conversion-driven. We make videos pop.


Static creatives with a purpose to sell. Without any hassles.

Start killing it with ad creatives.

Try out your personal ecommerce content team that's built for 7-8 figure scaling.

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