Ads Knowledge That Generated $400MM+

By a team with $120MM in ad spend

and experience across 20+ niches

  • 170+ video & static templates

  • 200+ UGC creator contacts

  • 20 landing page templates

  • Media-buying tips & set-ups

  • 170+ video & static ads templates

  • 20+ best performing landing templates

  • 200+ UGC creator contacts

  • Media-buying tips & set-ups

Here's the problem.

❌ $150,000/year ❌

That's how much money an average brand is losing by testing bad creatives & landings.

And sure, most of your tests will fail. That's why it's called testing.

But just imagine how much more profitable, faster, & easier your process will be...

...once you start testing things that have already worked for someone else.

Because to scale a 6-7-8 figure business you need to find winners quick.

Without spending $150k each year on ads and landings that are programmed to fail...

The only question is...


Do you have enough stock?

Once you apply these templates, there's no going back. The sales start to flow, fast.

The Ultimate Bundle For DTC Brand Scale

  • 170+ video & static ads templates

  • 20+ best performing landing examples

  • Ads Manager setup secrets

  • 200+ UGC creator contacts

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Inside you'll find 👇

🚀 Kandy Creatives Bundle

  • 170+ video & static ads templates

  • 100+ best performing ads examples

  • 7-8 figure brands Ads Manager setup

  • 500+ tested plug & play hooks

💻  20 Pagefly Landing Templates

  • 5x homepage templates

  • 5x product page templates

  • 5x advertorial templates

  • 5x landing templates

🎨 100+ Canva Static Ads Templates

  • 100x design templates

  • Drag & drop edit

  • Easy to use

  • 5 extra templates each month

💯 300+ Best-Performing Landing Pages & Ads Libraries

Steal profitable ideas from million-dollar landings, funnels, and ads. Includes niches like fashion, beauty, health, electronics, & more.

💸 200+ UGC Creators Contact List

Regularly updated database of creators that we narrowed down not by just their age, but also their phone type, hobbies, and English speaking skills.

🤍 250+ BFCM Ad Swipe File

Videos and statics that were crushing it during BFCM 2023. You'll never run out of winning ideas for your ads. A must-have for BFCM 2024.

🤖 Chat-GPT Research Flows

Generate unlimited ideas for your ads, offers, landings, and emails, all based on your audience.

So, why the hell do we know what we're talking about?

Valid question.


revenue generated for clients in 2023


ad spend for clients in 2023


record revenue from a single creative


creatives produced in 2023

Kandy is an e-commerce agency that scales

established brands with ad creatives, media 

buying, email marketing and store optimization.

Pretty valid answer.

Also, we'll just leave some of our success stories here...

From spending $45k/month to $250k/month while lowering nCAC by 60-70% in 60 days.

From $0 in revenue to $267k/month in 4 months.

From $35k/month to $211k/month in 2 months.

From $10k/month to $100k/month in less than 10 months.

From $10k/month to $1.3M/month in 10 months.

Got any questions?

Why should I continuously test new creatives instead of just scaling with my winning ones?

By testing new creatives regularly, you increase your chance to stay on top of the game, cause you’ll always keep innovating and discovering even more best performing ads. You'll also diversify your audiences and won't depend on a few winners that can unexpectedly go dry.

To sum up, each creative targets new audiences, so let’s say one creative is good for the audience of 18-35 year old guys, meaning Meta will mainly spend on that audience, but once you find an ad that’s engaging for 20-55 year old women, you'll unlock a totally new audience for your business which will most definitely result in a revenue increase.

How fast will I be able to find a winning creative?

Usually, our customers report finding a winning ad in1-2 weeks of starting to use the Playbook. You can start implementing and testing ads instantly after purchase, our ready-to-use templates will be at your disposal.

Does the Bundle include tutorials and in-depth explanations?

We’ve prepared in-depth Loom videos for each topic & given clear instructions how to use the templates!

How customizable are these templates for my specific brand needs?

The templates are designed with flexibility in mind, allowing for individual customization. You can adjust colors, fonts, images, and layout elements to match your brand identity perfectly. Whether you need a minimalistic look or something more vibrant, these templates can be tailored to meet your specific brand needs.

How exactly do I copy & paste the landing templates into my Shopify?

All you need to do is download the Pagefly App on Shopify - from there you'll just need to upload the template zip files you'll receive instantly after purchase! 

The app is free for a single landing page, and starts at $24/mo for 5 or more landing pages.

In what format will I get access to the Bundle?

You’ll get a whole Notion Board full of tips, tricks and templates that’s updated regularly. Since we're constantly learning & testing, the bundle and templates come with lifetime updates of new secrets that we uncover!

How will I receive the Ultimate Bundle after purchase?

You'll receive the bundle instantly after purchasing. Find the download button in your Thank You purchase page and email! 

If you still can't find the product, contact us at

I've still got questions.

Not a problem - contact us at, and we'll be happy to answer all of them.


Get your Ultimate Scale Bundle

The Ultimate Bundle For DTC Brand Scale

  • 170+ video & static ads templates

  • 20+ best performing landing examples

  • Ads Manager setup secrets

  • 200+ UGC creator contacts

 80% OFF - Save $780 | 14 day money-back guarantee