Video Sales Letter (VSL), Done For Your Brand 🎥

We do it all - script, shoot, edit, & deliver. Available in english, french, german, dutch & danish.

  • Scripting, shooting & editing
  • 7-10 day delivery

  • 3x different hooks

  • 3-5 minute VSL

  • Scripting, shooting & editing

  • 7-10 day delivery

  • 3x different hooks

  • 3-5 minute VSL


There’s a new ecom trend emerging in 2024

Before, most ecom brands ran short-form UGC ads, which were slowly dropping off.

The main reasons were: increasing competition & decreasing viewer trust.

That’s why VSLs have been getting so much attention recently.

They’re proven to have better conversion rates, lower CPAs, & longer lifetime.

The ONLY problem is...

Many ecom brands have no clue how to create a high-converting VSL.

Not to mention it also takes lots of time & effort to produce.

Is it really worth hours of your time & focus when…

… we can craft a high-converting VSL FOR YOU?

Here’s exactly how it works:

1. Fast Start

You fill in a short Typeform to tell us about your brand.

2. Scriptwriting

We craft a VSL script that’s converting, engaging, & keeps the attention.

3. Voice-over

We deliver a voice-over that fits your brand's tone, pace, and style perfectly.

4. Shoot

If needed, we shoot additional B-roll shots in our in-house studio.

5. Editing

We edit the footage to hold attention throughout the whole VSL.

6. Approval

We send the new, ready-to-launch VSL with 3x hook variations for your approval.

The only question is...


Ready to scale some VSLs?

Once you launch your first VSL…’ll instantly see why they’re crushing in 2024.

Ecom VSL, Done For You

  • 3x different hooks

  • Scripting, shooting & editing

  • 7-10 day delivery

  • 3-5 minute VSL

 70% OFF - Save $3,000+ | 14 day money-back guarantee

Kandy risk-free guarantee

If the videos get some spend but don't perform, you get 50% of your money back & you get to keep the content

What you're getting 👇

🎥 3 fully edited VSL video ads

(1 VSL body, 3x hooks)

In this batch, you’ll receive 3 ready-to-launch VSLs. Use them in your ads, landing page, or emails.

Here’s what the process looks like:

Still not convinced?

Here are the top 3 reasons to run VSLs in 2024

1. A VSL educates a cold audience the best.

2. VSLs scale faster, last longer, & work well in any part of your funnel.

3. You can outsource a VSL to be completely done for you.

So, why the hell do we know what we're talking about?

Valid question.


revenue generated for clients in 2023


ad spend for clients in 2023


record revenue from a single creative


creatives produced in 2023

Kandy is an e-commerce agency that scales

established brands with ad creatives, media 

buying, email marketing and store optimization.

Pretty valid answer.

Also, we'll just leave some of our success stories here...

From spending $45k/month to $250k/month while lowering nCAC by 60-70% in 60 days.

From $0 in revenue to $267k/month in 4 months.

From $35k/month to $211k/month in 2 months.

From $10k/month to $100k/month in less than 10 months.

From $10k/month to $1.3M/month in 10 months.

Got any questions?

Why choose a VSL from Kandy?

We’ve yet to see anyone on the market offer to do the entire VSL process for you. Scriptwriting, voice-over, shooting, editing, & delivering - we handle it all.We know you’re busy so our #1 goal is to help you save time & effort, while we deliver a high-converting VSL ad for you.

Aren’t short videos trending at the moment?

It’s all in the script. Short videos often hook people on the editing, quick shots, & surface-level engagement – they die off much quicker too.

While a good VSL goes deep, explains to the people their problems better than they could, & makes your product seem like the ultimate solution.

How many VSLs will I be receiving in total?

In total, you will be receiving 3 VSL ads that are ready for launch. There will be 3 video ads (1x body, 3x different hooks). You will also receive all of the raw UGC footage & a voice-over for future use.

In what languages can you make VSLs?

Currently, we can deliver  content in english (american / australian / british), french, german, dutch & danish. 

If your language is not mentioned and you'd still like to take advantage of this offer, reach out to us directly at, and maybe we'll be able to set it up.

Is there a way to get new VSLs regularly?

Absolutely! If you’re interested in consistently getting your batches coming without lifting a finger – reach us at for more details on pricing & other conditions.

What if the VSL doesn't perform?

If the UGC doesn't meet your expectations in terms of performance, we offer a risk-free guarantee. You get 50% of your investment back and keep the content, ensuring you always have value from our service.

How quick is the process?

It’s usually 7-10 days. It really depends on a few factors: 

1. The nature of your product - how much research & explanation it needs.

2. How much footage do we have to shoot ourselves.

3. How many fixes you’ll want from us.

I've still got questions.

Not a problem - contact us at, and we'll be happy to answer all of them.


Get Done For You VSLs

Ecom VSL, Done For You

  • 3x different hooks

  • Scripting, shooting & editing

  • 7-10 day delivery

  • 3-5 minute VSL

 70% OFF - Save $3,000+ | 14 day money-back guarantee